About Us

What is ConsumerInformation.ca?

Managed by the Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) at Industry Canada, ConsumerInformation.ca is a Web portal for Canadian consumers to find clear, concise consumer information, tools and resources from objective, trustworthy and reliable sources.

The goal of ConsumerInformation.ca is to point consumers in the right direction to get the information they need to interact confidently in the Canadian marketplace. To achieve this goal the OCA has worked in collaboration with federal, provincial and territorial governments, and non-government sources, in order to provide authoritative consumer information to Canadians.

Here are just some of the ways that ConsumerInformation.ca seeks to help Canadian consumers:

Providing Information Relevant to Your Needs

ConsumerInformation.ca is organized so that consumers have access to information and sources specific to their province or territory, as well as information which is applicable to all Canadians from federal departments and agencies and trusted non-governmental sources. Since many consumer matters fall under provincial and territorial jurisdiction this allows consumers to locate information and find assistance that is relevant to their needs.

Access to Tools and Resources to Make You a More Informed Consumer

Many of ConsumerInformation.ca's sources provide high quality tools and resources, such as calculators, worksheets, guides and information sheets built to help better inform consumers on specific issues. These tools and resources are available along with the general information gathered on each topic, but new tools and resources will often be featured on the front page of the website.