Step 3: Contact the Business

Step 3

Contact the Business

  1. Practice explaining the problem to yourself a few times before contacting the service provider, business or merchant. Remember: clear, precise and brief explanations will help your case.
  2. Be polite. It can get you better, and possibly quicker, results.
  3. Stay calm and carry on. Don’t resort to anger and threats.

When you call or visit the business, remember to:

  • Ask if they have a customer service section that handles after purchase/service issues. Request a complaint reference number and be sure to ask the company to update your complaint file when you provide new information.
  • Write down the name, position, and, if available, the employee number of staff with whom you are dealing. Keep brief dated notes of key points discussed.


Three keys to effective complaint resolution are:

  1. Clearly, concisely and factually explain the problem.
  2. Emphasize your desire to solve the problem and have a positive relationship with the business.
  3. Be ready to propose a solution to the business that will resolve your complaint.

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