Three Keys to An Effective Complaint

  1. Clearly, concisely and factually explain the problem. For example:
    • the product received was not the one you ordered: it is the wrong size, the wrong colour, or a different model than the one you bought
    • the product you received was damaged in transport or during delivery
    • the product does not perform as advertised
  2. Emphasize your desire to solve the problem and have a positive relationship with the business. For example:
    • You have been a repeat customer of the business and you have been satisfied with the service until now. You would like to solve this issue so that relationship can continue.
    • You are a new customer of the business and you don't feel this is a good way to start a relationship that could be a long-term, positive one for you and the business.
  3. Be ready to propose a solution to the business that will resolve your complaint.
    • Most reputable businesses will listen to a customer who has had a problem and who proposes a reasonable solution to resolve it.
    • Set a reasonable deadline for the business to respond to your offer.